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The Chilli Bean Paste Clan

A sympathetic and vividly intimate saga of the Duan-Xue family with their formidable 80 year old matriarch, incorrigibly coarse father, bawdy shenanigans, simmering sibling squabbles, ingrained misogyny and marital betrayals. The soap-opera style histrionics build up to a raucous gathering of the clan, where we look on like embarrassed guests as long-held secrets and rivalries erupt into a farcical climax. Warning: includes very strong language.

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Ripley meets Single White Female, that’s the vibe which describes this psychological thriller best I think. The two sides of an exotic Moroccan town add to the suspense. All I could do was read until the wee hours.

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The Immortalists

In this sprawling novel of ideas, themes of determinism versus free will and family duty versus personal fulfillment prompt the reader to consider how best we should live. Through the lives of four siblings given the curse - or blessing - of knowing their fate, the author offers a testament to the escapist power of fantasy and magic when the final certainty in life is death.

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Basket of Deplorables

This is a such a clever book. At first glance it's a collection of short stories but characters and plot lines from one story pop up in others. The book mixes observations about truth, communication and new technology into highly entertaining stories. Short stories are sometimes looked upon as too indirect or fragmentend. Not in this book. Try it and it might change you, even if it is only the way you think about short stories.

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