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OK Mr Field

Mr Field is an enigma, seemingly suffering from a lack of purpose and direction following the aftermath of an accident and the mysterious disappearance of his wife. While the rich, descriptive language paints a vivid picture of Mr Field’s coastal surroundings, the ambiguity of his situation and state of mind is left for the reader to work out for themselves. A reveal and conceal book which is frustratingly intriguing.

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The 7th Function of Language

Sherlock Holmes meets Umberto Eco in this entertaining novel of PPE: Politics, Philosophy and Espionage, with just a dash of French Open Tennis. For all who, like me, enjoy witty magical realism AND believe in the importance of language.

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The Cartography of Others

An astonishing set of tales by a writer who is skilled in the art of telling short stories. She has this ability to create a scene with a few deft strokes, wherever it is set - Mali, Ghana, the Dolomites, Corsica or London. Her characters have music, love of travel and sex in common. Each story has a separate character as a focal point, and every sentence is constructed with care, creating beauty. This collection is one you really should read.

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Arthur Less is off on a journey that will take in four continents and numerous literary festivals, awards and other engagements. The reason for his journey: partly because of his soon to be 50th birthday, but primarily to escape having to commit to attending the wedding of a former boyfriend. This is a book to be easily charmed by; it is joyful, there are witticisms aplenty and Arthur will quickly endear himself to you I am sure.

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