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Light Lifting

A collection of seven short stories featuring random experiences - running, brick laying, swimming - they are real gems. The vivid description makes you feel part of each story sharing each character's fears, anxieties and pain. Slightly unsettling as some have unexpectedly sad and sometimes vague endings - but they definitely stay with you long after you have finished reading! I didn't expect to like this book - but I did!

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The Bus on Thursday

Related through a series of blog posts, this story is one square peg that won't fit any round hole, no matter how hard you hit it with a mallet. In remission from breast cancer, Eleanor Mellett relocates to the town of Talbingo - think Bridget Jones on the set of Carry On Screaming. If you don't mind your humour on the dark side, this is a very funny book which also succeeds in addressing serious issues. I thought it was an absolute blast.

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The Tangled Lands

Fantasy? Not a bit - this allegorical tale is so close to home it will frighten you. If using magic leads to ecological disaster, can you do without it? And if you are poor and power is corrupt, how can you survive and protect your family?

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A Doubter's Almanac

Milo is a charismatic mathematical genius, with the ability to use this genius to make billions of dollars, but who appears not to understand how his obsessions affect his family. And trust me, you don't have to be at all numerate to be gripped by this spellbinding story of love and rivalry across three generations. I couldn't put it down.

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