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A crime noir novel but not as you know it. Probably. Meet Box, big, strong and silent. Descend with him and his nameless partner into a dark world of mysterious violence, seemingly abstract scenes and ever growing madness. This is not your average crime story. Sometimes it's hard to understand what and why things are happening. But the superb writing makes you look past that. And at the end, as in most crime stories, everything adds up. Probably.

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The Alarming Palsy of James Orr

There is such a lot packed in so small a novel that it is a bursting multi-layered great read. Unnerving, poignant, mysterious, very cleverly written, Lee creates tension out of the ordinary, and a profound understanding of the isolation, disruption and anxiety that health issues create. James Orr is a complex and disrupting protagonist and the safe suburban setting challenges his unreliability. This is a powerful read and highly recommended.

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Slip of a Fish

The ugliest form of mother love explored in this book will disturb even the most liberated reader. As Ash, the mother in question, goes to unforgivable lengths to retain a hold on her seven year old daughter, her delicate state of mind is laid bare for all to see. Complex and clever wordplay add a literary dimension to this strikingly brave novel.

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My Sister, the Serial Killer

Though the title suggests otherwise, this is not crime fiction in the usual sense, but a wickedly entertaining story where the bond between two sisters is stretched to breaking point. The city of Lagos looms large - all my notions of life in Nigeria were swept away and the short, quick-fire chapters seem to heighten the impact of events. Since finishing this book I just can't stop thinking about it, though not for the reasons I expected.

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