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Very dark but funny entry into the world of anti-heroine Cynthia: reality TV, sexual obsession and a terrifying will to win. More than a touch of Donna Tartt's novels too, I felt, as I tried to work out just who was controlling whom. Warning: definitely NOT for dog lovers.

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Mr Godley's Phantom

Martin, a returned soldier from WW2, suffering from what would now be diagnosed as PTSD, takes a job as a chauffeur driving reclusive Mr Godley's Rolls Royce Phantom. The reader may have sympathy for Martin to begin with, but this sympathy may be misplaced as the story develops - the clue is in the word Phantom! A sad, but oddly amusing and convincing read. I enjoyed it!

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A Particular Kind of Black Man

A young Nigerian living in Utah describes his growth into adulthood, his insecurity and the feeling of not belonging after his schizophrenic mother leaves him. The scenes with Tunde's mother particularly touched me. She is unpredictable and abuses him but he tells no one. His stepmother is friendly but looks at him differently than at the other kids. He feels utterly lonely. But he learns to deal with it, he finds love and that offered me hope.

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Orange World

Just one shift from the accepted version of reality is the hallmark of these short stories. It's the way they blend seamlessly to form magic realisms that will get under your mind's skin and make you think a little differently ...

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