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The Warehouse

Amazon are going to hate this book. It is a vision of hell in one of their warehouses in the future. A meditation on how doing nothing takes the option for the powerful, told through a sort of love story. Zinnia and Paxton are the engaging couple at the heart of this novel. The question is, are they doing the right thing? You have to decide that.

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Crime is the genre, but Maggie Gee gives you so much more than whodunit. Yes there are two violent deaths, but not in an order you expect. To be inside Monica's mind is to experience depths of emotional abuse, disregard for PC niceties, raw creativity, and all that you want of a teacher at your bog-standard estate school. You'll have your light on at 2am, and then wish you'd read it slower for the hits on Brexit Britain and the black humour.

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Small Days and Nights

A young Indian-Italian inherits a dilapidated villa near a beach in Tamil Nadu and has to take care of her sister who has Down syndrome. Quite a challenge for the hedonistic Grace. But she adapts quickly. The fishermen see her mainly as the rich outsider because Grace isn't always sympathetic. I must say she irritated me at times but in the end I sympathised with her because she genuinely loves her sister.

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Asghar and Zahra

Not so much a culture clash, but a clash of personalities lies behind this bittersweet (and surprisingly risque) comedy of manners, as newlyweds from the same Muslim community struggle to adjust to married life. Their story, added to the background social commentary, provides a more entertaining glimpse than usual into the conflict between traditional Muslim community values and those of modern British society.

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