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An intense, claustrophobic and gripping read. It grabbed my moral certainties and bounced them off the walls. Rachel spoke directly to me - but could I trust her - and what would I have done in her situation? As the temperature rises, the threat of collateral damage radiates from every page.

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Lucy is struggling to come to terms with her life in her grandfather's cottage in Donegal. Brought up in Sunderland by her stressed mother, a drunken father and with a deaf brother, she goes to university in London and becomes a different person - but not necessarily someone that she likes. This is a gripping coming-of-age story, told in sequences but not chronologically. It really is entrancing.

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The Godmother

Meet the most bizarre drug trafficking matriarch in the Parisian underworld. Darkly comic and surreal, the sardonic narration in the distinctive voice of the protagonist is mixed with snappy streetwise dialogue and acerbic social commentary on racism and exclusion in the banlieues. It's an offbeat and seductive portrayal of a nihilistic skewed morality which will have you checking your own moral compass.

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Find Me

Lives unlived, missed opportunities and second chances are recurring motifs in what is a philosophical and melancholy novel. Die-hard fans of Call Me by Your Name, hoping for a repeat performance of Elio and Oliver's romance may be disappointed, but it's still a sensual and intimate experience. Makes you reflect on your own past relationships, the fragile nature and heady intoxication of love.

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