A Time to Every Purpose Under Heaven by Karl O Knausgaard

A Time to Every Purpose Under Heaven

Karl O Knausgaard

Odd, but enthralling description of the history and decline of angels as seen through the eyes of Antinous Bellori, who meets an angel as a boy. You don't have to know the Old Testament to enjoy this book, but you will know a lot about the Old Testament after reading it. And none of this gives the story away. Although why it ends up in Norway is anyone's guess.

And then you could see the cherubim. They were clearest at night of course, but it had been many years since she'd been here so late. The morning was her time, and it was in its changing hues that she saw the cherubim's flames, burning with varying intensity depending on the time of year. Sharply and clearly in the autumn and winter, pale and almost translucent in the spring and the summer.
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Weird and wonderful