Truth by Peter Temple


Peter Temple

The authentic Australian locations, the sense of foreboding created by fierce, omnipresent bushfires and the twists and turns of numerous murders make this a good addition to the crime genre. However, you will need to invest some time and commitment to tap into the writing style, especially the distinctive, staccato dialogue and pared down linking prose. Reminiscent of a script or commentary, this actually worked best for me when read aloud.

The phone, Tomasic, another hoarse voice.
'Boss, the window reflection, the techs got the first two numbers off the Prado.'
'I'm switching you,' said Villani. 'don't go anywhere.'
He pressed buttons. 'Ange, take Tomasic off for me Tracy.'
Pause. ...
Sitting back, the adrenalin surge, he felt for a moment that he belonged in Singo's chair: Stephen Villani, the boss of Homicide. Someone who deserved to be the boss of Homicide.
A moment.
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