Landing Gear by Kate Pullinger

Landing Gear

Kate Pullinger

This is a genuine 'feel good' read. Maybe a bit over optimistic but none the worse for that. It's difficult to describe without giving away too much of the plot, but it includes an illegal immigrant, a middle aged mother, an orphan and a confused teenager. Relax and laugh! Winner of the Anne Green Award 2014.

When he woke up, the house was completely quiet, as was the street outside: nighttime. He switched on the lamp and noticed a plate with another sandwich and a glass of water beside it: did they eat nothing but sandwiches in England? There was a note as well but the handwriting was of poor quality and he could not read it. He tried to imagine what it might say, but there were too many possibilities: 'Enjoy the sandwich and make yourself at home.' 'Enjoy the sandwich but leave immediately as my husband will kill you when he finds you.' 'Enjoy the sandwich, there's plenty more where this came from, but I'll make you pay for it by ensuring you become our family house-slave.'
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