Yuki Means Happiness by Alison Jean Lester

Yuki Means Happiness

Alison Jean Lester

Working in Tokyo as nanny to 2 year old Yuki seems like Diana's dream job, but she soon realises that if it is not to become a nightmare she will need to make some hard choices. I found Diana a great heroine, unmelodramatic and aware of her own flaws, as she struggles to do her very best for a small child.


Looking back, I recognise that I also gave Yuki double the attention because I had as much need of a safe repository for love as she did. But even if I hadn't, and even if I hadn't loved Yuki so much, I still would have done what I did.

  • Go: A Coming of Age Novel by Kazuki Kaneshiro
  • A History of Loneliness by John Boyne
  • Kramer vs Kramer: Film

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