S O S by Joseph Connolly


Joseph Connolly

Follow the trials and tribulations of a group of people thrown together on a cruise across the Atlantic to New York. With great insight and clarity Joseph Connolly captures the meandering thoughts of each character, ranging from what to wear for the Captain's dinner to what they all really think about each other.

Give it an hour, and then maybe get some breakfast. I love my food you know. Love it too much. Got to watch the figure. Even as it is, I'll never have my blazer undone, you know. Ooh no - that would never do (too much hanging over the waistband. And yes, I admit it - I did have a slightly larger blazer this year (just slightly - nothing dramatic) 0 but there: what can you do? This whole bloody ship is built around food and drink and parties and snacks and cocktails and tea and dinner and elevenses and light lunches and heavy lunches and yes, like I say breakfast. Maybe just the one sausage.
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