Cannibals by Dan Collins


Dan Collins

A series of glimpses into the seedier side of modern life which may seem disjointed and unconnected at first. Each snapshot is intimate, personal and realistic and towards the end some characters begin to feel familiar. Unusual in both structure and content, some parts are a few lines long, others a few pages, so it's an easy book to dip into.

Does Marie Helvin have kids? Do you know who I'm talking about? If she doesn't, her dear friend Jerry has enough for both of them. In this modern age, so far as women are concerned, kids are no longer a prerequisite to any sort of lifetime fulfilment. This is one of my mother's fave tenets. However, there's a teensy flaw in my thinking. Unlike Marie and Jerry I am not a glamorous model ... Jerry's from Texas and Marie's Hawaiian .... Whereas I'm from where? Basildon. Yes, Basildon. Who to blame in this tragic lapse in God's design? There must be someone to blame. It comes down to a choice between God and my mother. I blame my mother.
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Explicit sexual content