The Stone Raft by Jose Saramago

The Stone Raft

Jose Saramago

What would you do if you thought you'd been responsible for the detachment of the Iberian Peninsular from Europe? Maybe look for others who think the same? Whatever you do life can never be the same again - for individuals or nations - or can it? Just go with the flow of this hard to resist story - and then read it again!


As they chatted round the fire after they had eaten, it suddenly occurred to Joaquim Sassa to ask, Where did you get this name Guavaira, what does it mean, and Maria Guavaira told him, As far as I know there is no one else with this name, my mother dreamt it when I was still inside her, she wanted me to be called Guavaira and nothing else, but my father insisted that I should be called Maria, so I ended up with a name I was never meant to have, Maria Guavaira. So you don't know what it means, My name turned up in a dream. Dreams always have some meaning. But not names that turn up in dreams, how the rest of you tell me your names.

  • The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles by Haruki Murakami
  • The Blue Flowers by Raymond Queneau

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