Speaking With the Angel by Nick Hornby

Speaking With the Angel

Nick Hornby

An excellent way to try all those new authors you always meant to without actually reading one of their novels. From Helen Fielding, to Irvine Welsh, to Zadie Smith to Dave Eggers - they're all here. And the stories - dealing with the whole of life and death too - are well worth reading and re-reading in their own right. In fact I'm off now to buy my own copy of this brilliant collection.

But what's really clever about the picture is that you have to get up close to get offended, because if you stand at the back of the room you can't see anything apart from the face of Christ. So it makes the cluckers look like right plonkers, because they have to go and shove their noses up against the painting to see the nipples, and you end up thinking they're perverts.
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