Frangipani by Celestine Vaite


Celestine Vaite

This is a lovely gentle novel. The writing has a certain lilt to it, that I was pleased to imagine echoed the rhythm of life on a Pacific Island paradise. Visit Tahiti in the company of Materena, professional cleaner, champion listener, and Mum whose children are growing up and just about to fly the nest.

These days, Materena can't say anything to Leilani without Leilani finding the little beast. For example, when Materena says the reason Rita can't lose weight is because of her problems with hormones, Leilani says, 'Auntie Rita eats too much'....

When Materena complains of her hands being so used up because of all the cleaning they do, and dares tell Her Highness that she wouldn't mind another job because cleaning is so lonely sometimes, Her Highness says, 'Get another job. Don't just complain about it. Make a change. Take control of your life!'

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