The End of Sleep by Rowan Somerville

The End of Sleep

Rowan Somerville

Our hapless hero Finn, seduced by tales of buried treasure, is dragged into a nightmare adventure around the back alleys of Cairo, in pursuit of his friend Farouk. Like Finn, you will find yourself mesmerised and just as unable to sleep until you have heard all the story of Skinhead Said and what he found beneath his cellar. With characters are so memorable and well-realised the reader is soon mentally casting the movie version.


'I don't know what I have to do to get through to you,' said Finn in a low voice trying to contain his frustration, 'There is just one thing I want. Not food, not your niece, not any woman, just one thing: Said. That's all I want: Skinhead Said.'
Farouk paused a fraction before answering gravely, 'Listen, my brother. I do not judge, it is only for Allah to judge. And it is true, they say, Skinhead fucked a dog one time ... but not a man, never a man. Anyway it is not possible.'
'I DON'T WANT HIM!' Finn shouted, slamming his hands onto the table and standing up. 'I want his story! I want to find out what he discovered under his house!'

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