Excellent books about middle-aged characters

Searches for books about middle-aged people have never been so popular – and it’s not just the ‘there for the grace of god’ fascination with the human car-crash which is the mid-life crisis. Suddenly the baby boomers got sexy and interesting – and in both fiction and poetry had compelling and provocative things to say and exciting and meaningful things to do. The crises – in their various forms, are still there – but even these are nuanced and not always predictable. There’s lots to identify with if you fall into this age group but also opportunities for anyone to marvel, learn admire, as well as cringe with recognition. Being of middle age often means you are the cheese in the sandwich between the older and the younger generation - so, expect some complex family stories with laughter and tears.  Read on and meet a range of characters who will make you clutch your hair in frustration or recoil in revulsion – and others who will become your life-long friends.

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