Armistice by Nick Stafford


Nick Stafford

This is an unusual book, for although it appears at first glance to be a war story, almost all of the action takes place after the First World War. The horrors of battle are there, but this is also a mystery/thriller, a tale of grief and revenge and a love story too. Don't expect clever twists and turns, instead the story builds in momentum, driving you to read on through the night!

She lay down. She stared at the ceiling. She began to see patterns in the cracks in the thick paint and its patina when she didn't want to see anything. She shut her eyes, but still she could see; at first mostly blackness, with flashes of red and yellow, then, unbidden and unwelcome, images of war: men, bits of men, their insides on the outside, obscenely glistening, hands trying to push portions back inside mushy holes. She imagined groups of men, faceless. She was trying not to hear the sounds of war, the explosions, screams, whimpers. The smells: blood, faeces, rottenness, stale breath, damp - no, wet - no, sodden wool, that's overpowering - suffocating, in a confined space, like a dugout, or a grave.
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