King of Swords by Nick Stone

King of Swords

Nick Stone

Set in Miami in the 1980s - Miami Vice it ain't. Entwined in this gritty murder are layers of political shenanigans, outright racism and empire building by the major players in power. Then add some voodoo to the mix … This far from conventional whodunit shows a flip side to the stereotypical holiday resort. Instead of sun and sand expect violence and danger. A great read.

'Me and Abe, God, we used to fucken' disagree all the time. You know why? Abe was extra efficient when it come to dealin' with his own people. He was rougher and nastier and more intolerant than any o' those Klan-affiliated Patrol cops ever were. Whenever we were interrogatin' nigras, he had this bat he used to take out, intimidate 'em with. Thing was filled with lead shot. One tap'd turn bone to powder. Know what he used to call it? His "nigger knocker". Can you imagine that? Abe was a great cop, one of the best ever had a badge, and the finest I ever worked with.
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