The Space Between Things by Charlie Hill

The Space Between Things

Charlie Hill

The story takes place in Moseley, Birmingham, immediately after the resignation of Margaret Thatcher. Arch and his mates kick firmly against the Establishment as civil disobedience reigns amongst a dizzying haze of drugs and the sound of techno beats. Although this novel is open in structure, these idealists have a clear direction of how they want their version of the world to be, and I warmed to the feckless Arch as he tried to attain it.

That spring there was a renewed purpose to our dancing. We were defiant again. Our partying was political once more. Party-goers and party throwers were, once again, at the centre of a country-wide campaign of civil disobedience and direct action. We were eager for the next move. The next provocation, the next killer tune. There'll be laws? Ok,ok. Bring it on. Because whatever they do, we'll be ready.
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