The Missing by Tim Gautreaux

The Missing

Tim Gautreaux

Sam Simoneaux loses his job as a floor walker in a smart New Orleans department store when a child is snatched on his watch, so he sets out to track her down. This gripping story is rooted in the sights, smells and sounds of the deep South. It's a sensitive tale about loss, justice and the nature of revenge. But don't embark on this reading journey unless you have 24 hours to spare - you won't be able to stop until you've devoured every page.

'Well, you'd better care, because when you die you'll have to answer for this. You might not believe that, either, but consider if you're wrong, boy. Consider if you're wrong. And you know what else? Whatever you say about Ralph Skadlock, he let your father live after he came here against him with a pistol and a knife.' He kept his eyes on the door frame, praying for it to stay empty. 'Another thing, I'll bet Skadlock never hid in a bush and killed another man.'
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