Crimson China by Betsy Tobin

Crimson China

Betsy Tobin

A touching story of love against all odds set against the backdrop of the violent world of the illegal immigrant and the death of 18 cockle pickers in Morecombe Bay. The writing flows easily making this a quick read. The characters are real, each with their own strengths and foibles, and I felt a great affinity with both Wen and Angie. This novel has really stayed with me, possibly because it’s based on such shocking and terrible fact.

In the morning when Angie wakes, her head is shrouded in pain.She squints at the clock, sees the whisky bottle lying empty on the floor. She peers at it trying to sift through the events of the preceding night. Shit, she thinks. There is a Chinese man on her sofa. Wearing tracksuit bottoms that belong to her ex-husband. Or maybe not. Maybe the man is already gone. And she will never know if he was real, or a figment of her mind, sent to save her from herself. She rolls over and pulls the quilt over her head.
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