Valhalla by Ari Bach


Ari Bach

A very violent but also very witty SF novel set mostly in Scotland in the year 2230. Great characters and dialogue. Not a lot of plot and what there is, is mostly violence in various forms. Be prepared for gallons of blood and lots of body parts. However with 2230 advanced surgery, most bodies can be put together again so no one really dies! Even if science fiction is not your thing, give this one a go. It's great fun and there are sequels.

The other intruder fired at them, killing one instantly, shredding the other's back terribly. Violet couldn't let it go on. She darted past the lathe, keeping under the enemy's field of view, and stabbed the shooter in the ankle. He fell, and she stabbed him in the neck. He kept fighting. She stabbed him, again, and again until he stopped and blood leaked from his armor. She looked back at the others. The surviving Russian had taken the attacker's gun and crammed it behind his armored visor, opening fire behind his helmet. Violet's rescuer looked at her, smiled, then dropped dead.
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