The First Horseman by D K Wilson

The First Horseman

D K Wilson

A Tudor cold case gets an imaginative solution in the hands of a historian turned novelist. Add to the twists and turns of the story a debate over politics, religion and some strong characters. At its heart is the question: does the end ever justify the means?

As the fog in my brain gradually lifted, I remembered the details of the hideous party: the drunken courtier's insult of Lizzie, the ensuing fight, Lizzie dragging me away. Anxiety hovered in my mind like a menacing hawk. I was worried about Lizzie and needed to know that she was safe. But it was fear of the still unknown whose talons I felt most sharply. I saw myself standing over a man in a blue doublet, his face distorted with pain. In my hand was a dagger dripping with blood. I had to go back to Southwark to find an answer to the question that would not be silenced - was I a murderer?
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