Ring by Koji Suzuki


Koji Suzuki

In this supernatural thriller, a reporter investigating the mysterious death of four teenagers puts himself and his family at risk. Although the use of American slang detracts from the Japanese nature of the book, this enjoyable page turner should please anyone who hasn't seen the film. The tension builds nicely, with interesting characters and a satisfying twist at the end.


'Did they ever decide on the cause of death?'
Yoshino shook his head. 'Basically, they're saying their hearts just stopped all of a sudden. They have no idea why.'
'How about the murder angle? Strangulation, for example.'
'Impossible. No bruise marks on the neck.'
'No traces in the autopsy.'
'In other words, the case hasn't been solved.'
'Shit, no. No solving to be done. It isn't murder-it's not even an incident really. They died of some illness, or from some kind of accident, and that's all there is to it. Period. There's not even an investigation.'

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