Here Comes the Sun by Nicole Dennis-Benn

Here Comes the Sun

Nicole Dennis-Benn

This debut award-winning novel portrays the other side of paradise, showing how the poor live in Jamaica's Montego Bay beach resort. Brilliant characters but, with some exceptions, not very pleasant ones. Ground down by poverty, acquiring money by any means is the main goal. A compulsive read despite the squalor perhaps because the reader, like the characters, believes that life must get better. The Jamaican patois is authentic & not a barrier.


At first she despised herself for letting him touch her. But then she despised herself for the pride that made her believe she had a choice. What she got from it (and continues to get from it) was better than scrubbing floors.
She didn't want to lose this opportunity. All she wanted in the beginning was to be exposed to other worlds, anything that could take her out of this squalor and give her a chance to get away from Delores and the memory of what her mother had done to her.

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