Teen Couple Have Fun Outdoors by  Aravind Jayan

Teen Couple Have Fun Outdoors

Aravind Jayan

A secretly filmed video of Sreenath and his girlfriend Anita has been posted to a porn site. They don't see what the fuss is about but their parents think they have brought shame on both families. Caught in the middle is our narrator, Sreenath's younger brother, who sides with Sreenath but would also like everything to go back to normal. Heartwarming and uplifting, this is truly a tale of our time and you will sympathise with both old and young.


Sex was one thing; a sex scandal another thing altogether. That Friday the house was full of volatile stillness. Appa and Amma stayed in the living room for a long time doing nothing. The porch lights remained off until Amma decided this would make us stand out too much .... Meanwhile, I paced inside, dividing my time between the landing in front of Sreenath's door and the living room. I was afraid to say anything and, except for a few mumbled words, my parents were mainly stunned too.

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