The Curative by Charlotte Randall

The Curative

Charlotte Randall

I hated the keepers, the apothecary, the physician. I was incredibly frustrated at the incarceration of a sane, intelligent, articulate man. I adored the vocabulary, the sentences, the turned phrase, the disgusting conditions described in such beautiful language. At the end I was appalled by the self-seeking, selfish, egotistical, wicked person responsible for the plot behind the imprisonment. I truly recommend everyone to read this book!

I am taken again to the cupping room .... The assistant inspects my head. 'There is a good thick clot that has formed here,' he announces in a satisfied tone. 'The cups must have drawn it from the blockage that is causing your madness.'
'I think this clot is autochthonous.'
The assistant hesitates before admitting his ignorance. 'I don't know the meaning of that particular word.'
'It means aboriginal. A clot born here!'
'Well this clot has travelled.'
'Really. Do clots travel?'
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