Collaborator by Murray Davies


Murray Davies

Read this chilling glimpse of what might have been if Hitler had successfully invaded England and you will be relieved he didn't - a graphic, exciting, harrowing and sometimes violent story.

I dug David in the ribs to stop him hissing at Hitler on the screen as a sullen policeman strode up and down the aisles, scrutinizing the audience for signs of disapproval. Cinemas now had to keep their lights on for the newsreels, after the first pictures of German victories in Russia had been greeted with boos and catcalls. The SS had taken the whole audience of a Torquay cinema into 'protective' custody after one of them had fired a shot at the image of Hitler on screen. The four hundred people had never been seen since, and the cinema had been burned down. Now most folks kept their mouths shut and their views to themselves.
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