A Date With My Wife by Brian McCabe

A Date With My Wife

Brian McCabe

Don't miss this collection of short stories about those poor creatures, men. (That's not to suggest that all men are poor creatures, but that this lot certainly are.) Some stories are sad, some funny and some made me cringe with embarrassment. Most mix all of these emotions. My favourite features Dougie who's in for a culture shock as he ventures over to France for a school exchange and Antoine, his annoying counterpart. Then there's the priest who gets a shock when he makes his regular trip to the massage parlour. Enjoy!

He looked up at her and tried to guess what she was thinking. She was smiling, but he found it impossible to know what her smile meant. It could mean she was going to phone the News of the World tomorrow and tell them her story of the priest who came to her for relief .... Or maybe she was smiling because she was thinking of phoning him up any time she was short of money. She'd said she wasn't into blackmail, but what if she changed her mind about that? To get rid of her he might have to involve the police. But no, he was in no position to do that. Maybe that's what the smile meant.
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