In Bed With ... by Jessica Adams and others

In Bed With ...

Jessica Adams and others

Short stories that may be romantic, may be nostalgic, may be witty, may be slapstick, may deliver the man (or woman) of the heroine's dreams but are always, always unashamedly erotic. For reading in a scented bath with chocolates and champagne.

Every day for the next week Pavel and I fuck each other like rabbits who've just discovered birth control. My day goes something like this: Pavel arrives somewhere between nine and ten in the morning and we immediately have sex. In the hall, on the stairs, the sofa, over the kitchen table. He never gets into the garden itself until sometime between eleven and twelve. Then he makes some sort of attempt at working on the wall .... I am so good humoured I'm positively hysterical and I am so highly sexed at the moment I even make a pass at my own husband. However, the resulting lame bout of intercourse, where he flapped about on top of me like a slowly asphyxiating plaice, only made me make that mistake once.
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Explicit sexual content