Pictures Of  You by Matt Thorne

Pictures Of You

Matt Thorne

Hold on tight to experience 13 days of mayhem with the fast living drugs and drink culture of magazine editor Martin, his assistant Alison and their respective social groups.


They finished the champagne quite quickly, and were about to order another bottle when the German girl started to look anxious.
Is anything wrong?
Aubrey asked her.
You guys, are you, y'know, anti...


Pick me ups.

Naomi laughed,
of course not. Why?
The girl laughed, relieved.
I have to go for a while.

To the bathroom?
Aubrey asked.
No... an aftershow.

said Naomi,
would you like one of us to come with you?

she said,
that's OK.
The German girl took her mobile from her bag, and moved into the corner. Naomi raised her eyebrows at Martin and smiled.

  • Bright lights, big City by Jay McInerney
  • White City Blue by Tim Lott

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