The Ice Age by Kirsten Reed

The Ice Age

Kirsten Reed

Narrated by a nameless 17 year old girl this tells of her meandering road trip across contemporary America with Gunther, a much older man. An excellent portrayal of a teenager in love and intriguing; we are not told how or why the trip began and the ending is ambiguous. There are some brilliant descriptions of some really quirky characters who they meet en route. A gripping and poignant debut coming of age novel, this would make a great film!

Once I dreamed he was a dragon, flying over all the strip malls with me dangling from his talons by the back of my shirt. He was swooping down over all that bleakness; the parking lots, the fatties waddling to their cars with mouths full of burgers, spitting crumbs ... the litter, the rust, the neon, looking for a place to set me down.
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