Whispers in the Walls by Leone Ross  and Yvonne Brisset (eds)

Whispers in the Walls

Leone Ross and Yvonne Brisset (eds)

This is a collection of 17 short stories of the lives and ambitions of Black and Asian people, some written to communicate the rhythms and accents of the characters. Some are sad, some moving, some horrific, some uplifting. Selfishness, misunderstanding, cruelty, blighted dreams and aspirations, lack of communication between generations and cultures are exposed, as well as good humour, vitality, perseverance and love.

I did tell you when you start breeding, dat dem pickney would turn round and make you suffer. You sacrifice everything for dem and dem still want more; dem nuh satisfy till dem strip down to the very skin off you back.

I lay down on my sofa and gazed up at the ceiling. The words of the drunken racist clung to me and echoed in my ears. But it was no longer his voice that I heard. It was the cruel, malicious voices of my schoolmates, chanting together in chorus, that they didn't want a nigger in their class.

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