The Spot by David Means

The Spot

David Means

Short stories set across the USA and each focussing on a 'spot' - place or thing. All human existence is here – some dwelling in the dark underbelly, others in the humdrum of 'normal life'. You won't finish the book full of the joys of spring but little cameos do deliver flashes of brightness.


He stood in the doorway and thought about it. He'd be a retired cop living up north, enjoying the solitude and silence. He'd be fishing on the middle branch of the Au Sable one day, casting a muddler into the stream, enjoying the day, and then he'd think of the gulch case,and it would all come back to him, and he'd remember storming out of the interrogation room into this bright, clear, beautiful light of a fall day in Bay City. He'd cast again into a riffle, thinking about the fish while, at the same time, trying to tweeze apart the facts of the case, remembering the voids, the gaping space between the statements and his failure to get the story straight.

  • Too Much Happiness by Alice Munro
  • What We Talk About When We Talk About Love by Raymond Carver

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