Crazy Love by Tom Lennon

Crazy Love

Tom Lennon

This is an enlightening story told candidly from the first person. Tension fills this tale of a gay man being forcibly removed from the closet by his obsession with a new work colleague. It gets the message across and leaves you with a warm glow after following a turbulent journey.


"Harry phoned for you"...There's a liars delay. Just that fraction of a second while you're reassembling the forces of deceit. The baby isn't around to use as a distraction, so instead, calm as you like, you bend down, unzip the pocket of your golf bag and take our your rain gear. You were supposed to be playing golf with Harry for the afternoon. How would Ann react if you simply said, Look, I met this amazing guy, you'd fancy him too, and he invited me to intertwine my thighs with his for the afternoon. How could I resist.

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