The Memory Stones by Kate O'Riordan

The Memory Stones

Kate O'Riordan

A gripping story of mothers and daughters spanning four generations. The scene is set in Paris but it moves quickly to Ireland where we are sucked into the turbulent life of the family who own the local pub. As the story twists and turns there is a sense of foreboding that grips the reader. The past is a constant reminder to the women and it daily encroaches on their present lives. There is a vivid sense of mother and daughter continually treading on eggshells to keep their relationship from breaking. How they cope with this, how they deal with the past, how they avoid a major falling-out and how they retain their love for each other make this book a roller coaster read.

Sixth ring. Nell's hand circles the receiver. She lifts. 'Hello?' She responds instinctively in in English. Because she knows it's her daughter's neighbour calling from Ireland. Because she knows that time's circumferance has caught her up and the frothy capsule of her bubbled day has burst on her tongue. She is certain that time can be stilled, but not for long. And she is certain her daughter is dead.
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