On Cape Three Points by Christopher Wakling

On Cape Three Points

Christopher Wakling

Just one small mistake is all it takes to send your life over the precipice. It doesn't help to have the moral ground over international criminals who will stop at nothing to stop you. This has an all-too-real-nightmare quality, where every twist you make just entangles you more. I'll be taking much more notice of what colour my files are and where I put them in future.


Waiting in my line felt like the beginning of a holiday by comparison, and yet I was travelling with more purpose than any other trip I'd ever made. Apprehension and elation drew me in opposing directions. Somehow the pressure I'd felt in the preceding days was lifting, if anything becoming less tangible the further I went with my plan. It did not seem to be me in the queue, rather a version of myself, deployed to keep the real me intact.

  • The Emperor of Ocean Park by Stephen Carter
  • My Lover's Lover by Maggie O'Farrell

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