Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult

Plain Truth

Jodi Picoult

Don't let the death of a new-born baby detract you from the beautiful writing and innocence of this book. Katie, a young Amish girl, is accused of murdering her child, and through her we see the angst of falling in love with an 'English' - an action that pulls against her faith and beliefs. Ellie is her lawyer and only confidante through this difficult time. Delivers a window on a very particular world as well as a court room drama.


'Imagine that you're a young girl,' said Dr. Brian Riordan, the forensic psychiatric expert for the state. 'You find yourself involved in an illicit relationship with a boy your parents know nothing about. You sleep with the boy, although you know better. A few weeks later, you find out you're pregnant. You go about your daily routine, even though you're a little more tired these days. You think the problem will take care of itself. Every time the thought crosses your mind, you shove it aside, promising you'll deal with it tomorrow. In the meantime, you wear clothes that are a little looser; you make sure that no one embraces you too closely.
'Then one night you wake up in severe pain. You know what is happening to you, but all you care about is keeping your secret. You sneak out of the house so no one can hear you giving birth. In solitude, in silence, you deliver a baby that means nothing to you.'

  • Plain and Simple: A Woman's Journey to the Amish by Sue Bender
  • The Sacrifice (Abram's Daughters) by Beverley Lewis
  • Witness - the film

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