Wormwood by G P Taylor


G P Taylor

More disturbing than his first book, Shadowmancer, this quest for knowledge and power takes you to the rotten heart of XVIII century London. Cabala initiates and a host of supernatural beings battle it out under the shadow of the comet Wormwood. The viewpoint is strongly Christian but does not make for easy answers to the characters' choices.


His eyes had immediately been enticed by the shape and contours of the gift he was being offered. This was an epiphany, a gift to a wise man - a wise man lured by a passion that he could feel rising from the soles of his feet and turning his stomach. It was an exquisite feeling, exciting and dangerous. Deep inside, Blake knew that the gift he was about to open would have life-changing possibilities. He almost choked with excitement as he tried to contain the sudden rush that swept over his body like a spring tide. It was as if the book spoke to him soul to soul, churning his heart and fevering his brow.

  • Hawksmoor by Peter Ackroyd
  • Northern Lights by Philip Pullman
  • The School of Night by Alan Wall

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