Shadowmancer by G P Taylor


G P Taylor

Deeply rooted in the folk tales of Britain, this old story of good versus evil cracks on at a ripping pace. It did not convert me to Christianity (much as it tried ...) but I could taste the autumnal air of the Yorkshire coast, feel for the human dilemmas of its characters and thrill at the creepy moments. A great fireside read.

Again she could not move. The weight of the gun began to tug against her hand as if it was being pulled from her grip. All Kate wanted to do was run and scream. She knew she would get only five paces before being caught. She knew that if she moved her hand or lowered the pistol the creatures would hear her. Kate summoned every ounce of strength to hold the pistol in front of her. She could feel the muscles in her arm begin to ache, the pain reaching from the tips of her fingers to her shoulders. She wanted to cry, she wanted to go home. Again the voice cried in her head.
Pull the trigger .... Pull the trigger.
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