Old People are a Problem by Emyr Humphreys

Old People are a Problem

Emyr Humphreys

Atmospheric, poignant and immersed in the culture, landscape and people of Wales, these stories have a hypnotic power that I found entrancing. Glyn Brace, a former seventies media star, is coping badly with the harsh realities of broadcasting in the 21st century, where his old style charm and mission to inform are no longer valued or required. Elsie Probert reminisces to her great niece for a family history project, but who is actually interviewing whom?


In spite of my father's caustic comments all might have gone well until Prydwen Parry executed what one might call a reversed version of the judgement of Paris. For the coveted role of King Arthur there were my brother Tom, one would have thought the obvious favourite, Jac Plas a powerful lad who bordered on the illiterate, and Lalw's brother Iorweth. For some obscure philanthropic reason which I never understood but out of love and loyalty never questioned, Miss Parry chose Jac Plas. My brother Tom never forgave her.

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