A Beggar at the Gate by Thalassa Ali

A Beggar at the Gate

Thalassa Ali

Do you ever imagine yourself in an exotic setting overcoming seemingly impossible challenges? If you do, you will admire this heroine who is endlessly fearless in pursuit of a more rewarding life than her conventional upbringing might have led her to. The twists in the story keep it a gripping read to the final sentence.


Confident of victory in the upcoming skirmish, she squared her shoulders and turned towards her uncle's bedroom. She had, after all, protected her little hostage in the past from more dangerous opponents than one poor, snobbish, unhappy aunt ....

'It does not matter what you thought, and in any case, it is all decided. We are at last to be rid of that native child, and you are to be divorced.'

  • The Holy Woman by Qaisra Sharaz
  • One Hundred Shades of White by Preethi Nair

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