Ursula, Under by Ingrid Hill

Ursula, Under

Ingrid Hill

This book is almost, but not quite like a series of short stories. I was gripped right from the start by these highlights of the events in prehistory and history which led to the moment when two year old Ursula fell down the mine shaft. If like me, you find it difficult to read this book without knowing whether or not Ursula is rescued, then look at the end and find out – then read the book. It is well worth it and knowing the answer to Ursula’s fate does not stop you from enjoying and being entranced by the story.

Annie’s mind is pulling up as from a well, the tacit answer to that as yet unasked question. Annie cannot think of Ursula down that hole, so she thinks: So many generations, back into history and then prehistory, all concentrated into this one little girl. This is the answer to the as yet unasked question, in backward format: this little girl carries with her the inheritance of generations uncounted, precious, induplicable. She is priceless not only to Annie and Justin, but to the planet, the whole big fat blue-green ball hurtling through space.
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