Life Mask by Emma Donoghue

Life Mask

Emma Donoghue

Fascinating depiction of English society in the 1790s and an intriguingly different love story. I have never felt so immersed in a historical period before.

Only a few minutes to Richmond House, now: Eliza's stomach was as tight as a nut. Despite the fur-lined mask, her cheekbones ached with the cold: she withdrew into the hood of her cloak and her hands crept deeper into her muff. Had it been a mistake? She'd bought it only yesterday on Oxford Street; it struck her now as ludicrously large, like a fluffy, bloated dog squatting in her lap. Her mother was right that the muff was all the ton, but that didn't mean it would please the people Eliza was going to meet today. How fine the line between fashion and vulgarity and how easy to stray across it. Perhaps she should leave the thing in the carriage.
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