Rebellion by Jay Taverner


Jay Taverner

Bell, fleeing family disgrace as George I's troops expose Jacobite sympathisers; Hope, a supporter of King George and Bell's servant and lover following in a confusion of panic and passion. These are the characters which make up this passionate tale of love and loss. The authenticity of the historical detail had me running to the history books to learn more.

The candles leapt and guttered. And they were in the room .... They were masked strangers. Their piper stood in the doorway, and began the dancing tune .... The pipe shrilled .... The little winding melody came close; in the corner of her eye the green head and hands reappeared - leaning over her shoulder; playing right into her face, then whisking away. Bell gasped; she had been holding her breath .... 'I see our sister is spellbound,' said James in his low voice, 'Perhaps a good thing Hobbinol was a wench this year.'
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