Human Capital by Stephen Amidon

Human Capital

Stephen Amidon

This is a really compelling story of modern American family life. The plot hinges on the smallest of coincidences which lead to earth shattering events. It’s tight and full of suspense but not a detective story. I wasn’t sure about starting it – not really my kind of thing, but I read it very quickly and it really carried me along with the story. If you liked ‘American Beauty’ you’ll like this too.


They’d known each other for only eight weeks. That was what amazed her. How the most real thing in her life could have happened so suddenly. Everything else that was real – her mother’s disappearance and the awfulness of school and her father’s bringing a stranger into their house – had accumulated like sediment at the bottom of some dead lake. But Ian turned on a few minutes that weren’t even supposed to have happened. She’d lost her keys. It was that simple. Her father was out which meant she’d had to go by Ronnie’s Office after school to borrow hers.

  • American Beauty - the film
  • Drop Shot by Harlan Coben
  • Gone for Good by Harlan Coben

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