Mosquito by Roma Tearne


Roma Tearne

This love story shifts between delicate emotion and raw grief. Hang on through the scenes of violence and war and you will reach a conclusion where art heals the most damaged of lives.


Suspense hung heavily in the air; at such moments anything could happen. For in Sugi's experience, most murders were committed in the lull before the full moon. Whispers alighted as softly as mosquitoes on unsuspecting flesh; whispers of torture. And the smell of death brought the snakes out. Theo listened to Sugi's fears without speaking. But then, sometimes, on these faceless nights, as they sat talking in the garden, they would catch the unmistakable sigh of the great ocean drifting towards them. They would hear it very clearly, rushing and tugging, to and fro and across, in an endless cycle as it washed and rewashed the bone-white shore. And as always, as they listened, the sound of it comforted them both.

  • So I Am Glad by A L Kennedy
  • Give Me Death by John Fullerton

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