On Canaan's Side by Sebastian Barry

On Canaan's Side

Sebastian Barry

To say this is a tale of Ireland's sorrows, and the griefs of her children thrown into exile in America, would give no clue to the beauty of thought and the depth of soul that Lilly shows as she approaches death. A profound and moving read.


...Joe's face behind me when I looked beaming almost ecstatically, almost frightening, his head back, his eyes closed, his teeth bared, and maybe even laughing, if it wasn't the mechanisms churning, bringing us to the tipping point, bringing us, bringing us, Cassie and me and Joe, here we are, so high, so high, oh paradise of Cleveland, oh suffering America, long story of suffering and glory, and our own little stories, without importance, all offered to heaven, to the sky and the river...

  • Star of the Sea by Joseph O'Connor
  • Ulysses by James Joyce
  • Milwaukee by Bernice Rubens

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